#justfuckindoit Interview with Barbara Basalgete: female entrepreneurship & food as medicine

In this English episode of #justfuckindoit I talk to Barbara Basalgete, a French female entrepreneur with African roots who has been growing up in Europe and the United States. We have worked together in a US cyber security company where she was handling the instructor development program. Barbara was born and partially raised in Ghana before she moved to the US with 13 years where she was living over a decade before she was deciding to spend her life in Nice/France with her husband. Just a few years ago she quit her old job and kicked off her own startup with a plant based restaurant and a juice bar. She thinks about food as medicine and offers locally grown seasonal food to teach people how to nourishing themselves.

We are talking about the role of a healthy balanced life with Yoga and nutrition, her life before that and how she came to the US and finally moved to France, her editor „cushion“ job in Washington D.C. and the chance she took to start an international director job working from home that involved a lot of travelling between Europe and the US. How exciting that was for her after just having finished business school, when she nearly already opened up a restaurant but then started a business career as a training for her now entrepreneur life. Barbara shares how important alignment with her passion for health is, what learning-by-doing and a natural failure culture means for her and how perceverance and resilience helped her to succeed. We are also looking at how the Covid restrictions challenged her in a very specific way, what she learned from it and which chances there are in these kind of unexpected situations.

Thanks so much for this courageous interview giving hope to so many startups and entrepreneurs out there.

Barbara‘s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbara-basalgete-6349922

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